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VB_KB for Visual Basic Programmers - searches local Microsoft Knowledge Base for what you need.

My first Visual Basic project was Amnesia. That job convinced me of the need for a way to search all the Microsoft Knowledge Base articles I was collecting. VB_KB, therefore, was my second project.

VB_KB searches over 800 Knowledge Base articles, as well as some tips which I wrote up myself. All these are included here. You can easily include more, just by throwing them in this same directory, then listing them in the index page.

I also use several VB5 books which I downloaded from the web. I have put links to them on the VB_KB index page. I do not include them here because of copyright restrictions. But you may have a favorite book. You can easily include it by putting it in a subdirectory of VB_KB, then making a link from the index page.


  1. download here
  2. Put it in a directory.
  3. Unzip it.
  4. Click on vb_kb.exe

  • requires IE4 or 5





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