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the ApacheScout

the ApacheScout

for Apache server administrators - searches the Apache directives for what you need.

Unable to find a well-indexed reference for Apache directives, one weekend I downloaded the Apache docs, made a quick little VB5 search-and-display tool, compiled it, and zipped it up along with all the docs. Any of you with Windows, needing to search Apache docs for a certain directive, are welcome to download it, for free, right here.


  1. Put it in a directory.
  2. Unzip it.
  3. Click on ApacheScout.exe


  1. It is compact, at only 530 Kb zipped (including docs).
  2. It is quick (see compact, above).
  3. It re-indexes the included Apache docs directory and its subdirectories each time it is started. That means that you can add new pages, or even new directories, in there, and have them appear and be searchable. For instance, you could include your own page of tips. Or, you could throw in a directory in which you save other helpful pages you find on the web. Next time you start the ApacheScout, it will index them, link to them, and show their page titles.
  4. The price is right (though all contributions toward the WebMost beer fund are cordially invited).
  5. Will index, link, display page titles, search, copy, paste, take notes, go to Apache, and keep a history. Even shows you nifty random Apache factoids.


  1. Since I threw this together very quickly in one weekend, for my own use, in between grandchildren, motorcycle maintenance, and officiating a couple of football games, I did not take the time to write my own browser. Instead, I used the handy browser control, which takes advantage of IE4. Therefore, be aware, this app is made for IE4. Will very likely work with IE5. May work with IE3. Works for me, and that's all as I wanted.
  2. No tech support. (suggestions welcome)
  3. Will only show the line number for first match for a search term on any given page. This is because I didn't want to do all the gymnastics involved. You see, Basic languages are extremely awkward, verbose, limited, and illogical compared to Perl or C, and they especially suck at arrays. What they do have is access to all sorts of nifty APIs, so that you can quickly make nice and pretty GUI apps like Apache Scout.





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