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Amnesia for the married pornsurfer - replaces Netscape history list with innocuous links

At the time, I was working tech support part-time at an ISP. Several times a day, I would field a call which always began "My brother in law was over here fooling on my computer and he ..." It always turned out that the caller's "brother in law" had left porn links in the Netscape history list and now the caller's wife was pissed. Oh, those nasty brothers in law!

Problem was, Netscape did not have a way to nuke the history. It said it did, but it was just vaporware, just as refreshing the page did not really refresh the page, but just pulled the same one out of cache. Yes, you could hit CTRL-R to force a real refresh, but there was no similar work-around to nuke the list. The truth is that IE4 won the browser war because it is a better product. Now, with IE5, it's a slam-dunk. Only geeks disagree, and that's because they envy Bill Gates' money.

Amnesia is a way around this vaporware bug. It replaces the history links with innocuous links. You can run it from your run line or your files manager. It will do its work and disappear. Even if you make a shortcut to it, it will just blink and go away, so you can tell your wife "I don't know what that Amnesia shortcut does. Your damn brother was over here fooling around and ..."


  1. download here
  2. unzip it
  3. run it





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