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Here you can get a rough idea of what your web project will cost. Enter the numbers, check the boxes and dots. An estimate will appear at the bottom of the page. If that is within shouting distance of what you want to spend, then drop us a line.

Remember that these figures have been designed to be generous amounts. After consultation, your actual project will probably cost you less.

For any technical terms which need explanation, click the blue link, or choose the glossary from the site tree above.

Web pages can be arranged using tables, or toolbars, or framesets.

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Your basic
HTML web pages are only $35 per coded page. This includes coding the pages, with backgrounds, links, formatting, colors, bullets, rules, GIFs and JPEGs inserted, even META tags etc. And it also includes transferring the files to their home on the web, setting file permissions, and making sure all links work.

About how many web pages do you contemplate?


If you provide copy on magnetic media, WebMost will include it in your pages FREE. For WebMost to type the copy from a printed sheet will cost five cents per word. But to have WebMost generate the copy is only two cents per word.

Remember: you have the right to edit and proofread until you are satisfied with the result. We only ask that you return your suggestions in a timely manner.

Roughly how many typed pages of text?


Do you want pictures of your products, of your associates, of your building? If you can supply good photos, WebMost will scan them and incorporate them in your web site for only $10 each. (Unless you have "camera-ready" art, we do not suggest scanning your logo. No, a logo will not scan from a letterhead or business card.)

How many photos will you want scanned?


WebMost will create web graphics and logos from scratch. Or logos can be created to match a letterhead or business card. Any graphics which you can furnish already prepared in GIF or JPEG format and optimized will be included FREE. Therefore. do not include these in your count here.

A web graphic may be extremely time consuming to create and require any revisions. Therefore, we have assigned a generous figure per graphic. Your graphic may cost substantially less. Consult WebMost for an accurate estimate.)

How many graphics?



All ordinary CGI scripts at $200 each for the purposes of this estimator. This may include search engines, passwords, an order taker, an email forwarder, a contest, a quiz, a feedback scheme, a visitor counter, a "cookie" setter, or any other interactive program which gathers or distributes data on the server. Of course, if you need a complex shopping cart script, or, say, something to calculate the insurance mortality tables for long term health care policies in seventeen age brackets, fifty states, and two foreign countries... well, expect it to be a little more.

WebMost reserves the right to refuse any CGI projects which we find inappropriate.

How many CGI Scripts can you think of?



A little JavaScript is especially useful to bring your site to interactive life. JavaScripts are only $50 per installed page.

WebMost reserves the right to refuse any JavaScript projects which we find inappropriate.

How many uses for JavaScripts can you think of?


It will do you no good whatsoever to create a site and not promote it. A one-time web promotion effort, listing your site with hundreds of directories and search engines, costs $100. But we strongly recommend a consistent promotion scheme, repeating the effort each month. This is offered on an annual basis for only $300 for the entire year.

Promotion includes all META tags, and keywords, etc in the pages themselves, and even mirror pages and instructions to search engine robots.

Do you want site promotion?



MAINTENANCE Our idea is simple: You should be able to just pick up the phone, call WebMost, and say: "Change this phone number", "Make this announcement", "We have a special this week", "Include a new email for our new associate", or whatever your need may be, without ever having to worry what it's going to cost. No nit-picking, no worries, no surprise bills.

Maintenance also includes WebMost visiting your site regularly to make sure that the links all still work, that nothing corrupted the CGI files, that the graphics still load properly, and so forth.

After all, nothing runs forever without maintenance. For only $50 per month, we highly recommend a site maintenance agreement.

Do you want continuous web site maintenance?

Yes: Cost:

Total Immediate Cost:

Now, we all know that since the Pharoahs built the pyramids, no building project has ever been completed without a little something extra thrown in. Click this button to add twenty percent to your estimate, just for odds and ends.

If you can live with the result, drop WebMost a line for a personal consultation.

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