get the most web A working web site
includes a solid back door.

the Admin Page

While the band plays in the liner's lounge, and passengers stroll the promenade, and roughnecks stoke the boilers below, there is one man with earnest purpose who overlooks dials and levers on the bridge.

The admin page is the web site bridge. Controls. Communication. Gauges. Direction. Purpose.

Here's an example of an actual admin page made by WebMost. Each admin page is apt to be vastly different, depending on the speific needs of the business owners. Pages which the public sees are important; but pages which only your crew sees may be far more important. Start thinking how you want your dials and levers laid out.

For those staff who are often on the road, here are weather forecasts for various cities around the area. Pick a city and try it.
counters re-initiated July 1, 1999
index counter = This site has counters on three different pages. Each page is designed for a specific search engine. The counters measure which page works best. When a visitor goes to one of these pages, the counter increases, but the numbers are invisible. Here, on the admin page, the numbers display, but they do not increase.
home counter =
default counter =
Card Page Counter = 1539 These two counters track how many looked at the credit card form versus how many actually spent their money.
Money Page Counter = 172
when you last checked, Thu Jul 15 08:40:26 1999
=== the card page counter read 1520
=== the money page counter read 171
Here, the site owners can compare today's results with the last time they checked.
These six buttons operate special owner-only tools. The first two are "back door" methods of using the site's regular programs. The next two create dozens of statistical usage reports. The sort users button lists which clients are current, which are expired, and which have been suspended. The mail list button creates a mailing list from all user files, for user satisfaction surveys.
Ad Effectiveness
enter ad identifier:
Banner ads have been placed at a number of internet portals. Each banner contains a special hidden code which anables the site owners to determine whether these ads are paying for themselves. For an example of how this special admin tool works, enter the ad code "BY", and hit enter.