get the most web A working web site must be findable

More than 80% of web visits come from search engines. Search engines find out about your site by using software robots called spiders, which crawl around the web cataloguing your web site content. Here's what WebMost does to draw the attention of search engine spiders.

Since search engine spiders catalogue your web site content, it only makes sense to constantly grow the meaningful content of your site. This is the single most important thing you can do to get found. Eye candy is not content. Sales pitches are not content. Only meaningful, informative, solid information relative to your topic will work at all. WebMost always advises an inexpensive maintenance program which will allow you to consistently grow your content.
META tags
In the code of each web page, WebMost hides special "META tags", for the express purpose of drawing search engine attention. Some META tags are lists of the search terms which someone might use. Others are descriptions of the site. Others instruct the search engine when to return.
The search engine sends out software "spiders" to catalogue your site. WebMost installs a special file called "robots.txt", invisible to the visitor, but sought by the spider, which tells that spider where it may and may not go.
Keywords are not confined to META tags. WebMost distributes them through the web page itself, with special attention to frequency, to how high on the page they appear, and when they appear in headings.
Page titles are what you see on the top edge of your browser. Many spiders concentrate their attention exclusively on these page titles.
If promoting one page will get you a thousand hits, how many hits would you get by promoting a dozen pages? WebMost can multiply your effectiveness by creating "Mirror pages", and showing you how to use them. These are very inexpensive, as low as $5 each, depending on how many.

Now consider this: If one domain with fifty mirror pages gets you twenty thousand hits, how much will two domains get you? WebMost can arrange mirror domains. Whether the web searcher visits or or, he will be forwarded to your same site.

Mirrors are one of the most effective web strategies. It's exactly like getting more shelf space at the store.

WebMost uses special software to register your web site with hundreds and hundreds of directories and search engines, alerting their spiders to come visit. Submissions are repeated monthly, to keep the registries from expiring.
Search engines change their strategies every few weeks. WebMost monitors those strategies constantly.
Web site promotion is not a one-time thing. Search engine algorithms change constantly, and the web robots they use will come to your site repeatedly. To keep your site abreast of these changes, you will want an annual web promotion agreement.

WebMost's basic web promotion agreement is only $300 a year. It includes monthly spider submission, with attention to changing keywords and meta tags to fit the newest search engine requirements.

More comprehensive promotion can be arranged for a reasonable fee, after consultation.